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About Desalination and Engineering Consultancy


Our Shipyard is a full-service yard that builds and repairs boats for domestic and international clients.


Since 1972, customers can count on a legacy of quality craftsmanship, hard work, and dependability.


Located in the district of Tayud, in the municipality of Consolacion, Cebu, the yard is by the deep-channelled Cansaga Bay.


An hour away from the city of Cebu guarantees access to the region’s extensive ports with a proximity to Asian trade routes.


DEC SPV bring together development and investment, for the purpose of a specific targeted project.


A special purpose vehicle (SPV) as a separate formal structure that brings together separate parties, such as DEC and an investor, for the purpose of a project development, together with companies and government through Public-Private Partnership, Build Own Operate, as well as Build Own Operate Transfer projects.


A beneficial structure where the return from the joint development to be classified as the realisation of a capital asset, rather than a revenue-generating activity, which involves the private entity, the Joint Venture, which is financing, constructing, and managing the project in return for a contracted stream of payments directly from government or indirectly from consumers over the projected life of the project for a specified period of time.


In order to access tax concessions, the SPV would be in a trust structure, as unregistered companies cannot access the Capital Gains Tax and Value Added Tax concessions. The reason for this is that an SPV would be legally separate from any other revenue-generating project development activities being carried on by the parties involved in the JV. Therefore, the new SPV is a clean slate, unaffected by previous projects and demonstrating the intention to realise a capital asset from day one.


DEC is established for the purpose to bid, tender and construct Desalination plants, seek projects in the archipelago, and provide Engineering and Consultancy throughout Philippines with aim to undertake medium to large projects.

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