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About Us

Citor Philippines is Australia based desalination and water recycling company with branch and consulting firm in Cebu, operating all over the archipelago with its other multinational Desalination companies, as subsidiaries. Citor operates to world standards, and is a market leader in reverse osmosis desalination technology.


Citor is an Australian manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis and associated Water Purification equipment. We specialise in seawater desalinators, island and resort desalinators, mains water and low salinity desalinators, and brackish water desalinators.


Our desalination systems are available for delivery across Philippines and throughout the world. Our customers include: beach resorts, coastal communities, boat operators, mine sites, exploration companies, island operators, government agencies and military.


Citor’s headquarters and factory are located in Wangara in Western Australia.



Citor is committed to ongoing research and development.

We specialise in Reverse Osmosis membrane applications, in particular seawater desalination. We also manufacture systems in other membranes (nano, ultra and micro filtration) and general water purification not involving membranes. Some of these processes are used as pre and post-treatment for the Reverse Osmosis units.



Citor supplies desalinators to customers across Australia and exports systems throughout the world. We have many customers in Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, Middle East, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Mauritius, and Fiji.

We are also an approved supplier of water purification equipment to the relevant Australia Government agencies.



Citor’s head office and production plant are located at 50 Achievement Way, Wangara, WA 6065. For further information, email or phone +61 8 93071904.

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