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Ship Building Services


A full-service shipyard, we build a variety of boats and ships built and certified to IACS standards including middle size container vessel, aluminium hydrographical survey catamarans, fiberglass military patrol boats, aluminium sail boats and catamarans.


Aluminium Boat Building


Our Shipyard’s first major aluminium project was the M/V Sayah.  A 36-meter catamaran previously used in the Philippines as a ferryboat, it was converted to a crew transport supply vessel. This was an eight-month project. The catamaran hulls were used and converted as follows:


•    All new superstructure including accommodations and bridge

•    Drive replacement with Caterpillar 2000 HP main engine and fixed pitch Makado propellers •    Totally new electrical systems and navigational equipment

•    Received a re-build certificate from MARINA.


In addition to the M/V Sayah, the Shipyard has built numerous private aluminium pleasure boats including catamaran and mono hull designs. The Shipyard also built two 24-meter aluminium catamaran hydrographical survey boats for the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) for use in the Philippines.


Principal Dimensions:


Survey length    22 meters

LOA    23.4 meters

Beam    8.0 meters

Depth    3.25 meters

Draft to prop tip    1.6 meters

Accommodations    6 officers – 14 Crew – 1 VIP

Machinery    700 HP Cummins KTA 19 M4 diesel engines

Speed    20 knots - 18 knots operational



Large Vessel Shipbuilding


The Shipyard’s first major steel construction was the Tuhaa Pae IV.  The ship was delivered in 2012 and presently in operation in Tahiti.


Principal characteristics:


Pax 100

Cargo 64 containers

LOA 76.00 meters

LBP 76.00 meters

Depth 6.00 meters

Draft 3.50 meters

DWT about 1, 300 tons



Fiberglass Boat Building


We have built 20 fiberglass patrol boats for the Armed Forces of the Philippines and have the capability to build more.

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