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Ship Repair Services



Our experience dates back to over four decades, maintaining leadership in offering quality service and on-time completion. We provide ship repair, conversion and overhaul services for passenger and cargo vessels. Our well-established engineering department can provide planning for major projects, while our approved Customs Bonded Warehouse can assist clients with importation requirements. We also provide structural steel fabrication and erection services as well as salvaging, towing, ship breaking and scrapping of sunken vessels.


Services include:


•    Dry-docking of vessel

•    General services

•    Cleaning and painting

•    Hull preservation works

•    Cleaning and painting of tanks

•    Anchor and chains

•    Main steel works

•    Aluminium works

•    Rudder works

•    Propeller works

•    Tail shaft works

•    Bearing works

•    Piping works

•    Sea valve works

•    Machinery and equipment works

•    Machine shop works

•    Electrical and electronic works

•    Carpentry and masonry works

•    Fiberglass repairs

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